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The 5 Best Gifts For Gin Lovers

The 5 Best Gifts For Gin Lovers

If you are a true Gin lover or if you know someone who considers himself a connoisseur and constantly seeks the best tips and accessories to provide the best experience, get to know 5 gift suggestions that you can include in your list. 

The Perfect Glass

The ideal glass to drink Gin marks the difference in the quality of your experience. It should be tall enough to fit the large ice cubes that are suitable for your drink, which take longer to melt, and therefore prevent the drink from becoming too watery. The Adamus Dry Gin Glass has been thought out in detail, and is the result of a search for the sublimity, materialized in the perfect glass for your drinks.


Whether you are a beginner or a connoisseur looking for new ideas and inspiration, a book with information about Gin and creative recipes is always a safe and useful choice when giving Gin enthusiasts a gift. We recommend ‘The Book of Gin’ by Richard Barnett.


No matter how careful you are, at times your drinks will inevitably overflow while preparing or serving them. Therefore, a barmat is a vital accessory, which not only keeps the cup in place while serving a drink (due to its rubber surface which generates traction), but also absorbs the drink whenever there is a spill, since its grooves drain the liquid, thus protecting the surface of the counter.

Cocktail Accessories

For those who like to create cocktails, there is a whole kit of mandatory accessories to perfect the technique. From a citrus scraper to get that perfect touch of lemon, to moulds for ice cubes (one of the simplest ways to raise the quality of cocktails, you already know that the bigger the ice cubes, the better), a set of cocktail shaker or a bar spoon, essential for mixing some drinks.

Premium Gin

Finally, the gifts listed above require quality drinks to materialize into unforgettable experiences. A Premium Gin is therefore the most important ingredient to obtain good results. Adamus developed a sublime and 100% organic product, which marks the taste of every Gin lover: Adamus Organic Dry Gin

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