Gin is in and so is Portugal! Find our tips and enjoy – ADAMUS
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Gin is in and so is Portugal!

Gin is in and so is Portugal!


Gin has had a growing success over the last years, being one of the most famous alcoholic beverages in the world and in some countries it is already the most bought and consumed spirit. Some people even call it the millennial drink of choice and its success is easy to explain.
Besides the infinite number of cocktails that we can make with this drink and the different botanicals and aroma that each gin has, it provides us special and unique moments with a taste that we love!


Portugal was considered the best touristic destination in the world in 2017 in the World Travel Awards, being the first european country to conquer this award.
This is a very diverse destination, with exceptional attractions, a fantastic climate, a wonderful gastronomy and a varied geography.
It is also known for its hospitality, portuguese people are very kind and treat the tourists generously.
This country is linked with the sea, with more than 800kilometers of Atlantic Ocean coastline, making it also a perfect destination for those who search for a beach break.

Gin & Portugal in a single product

It would be great to combine both, don’t you think? The best of gin with the best of Portugal!
It is on this basis that we have created Adamus, a handcrafted premium gin from Portugal.
To create this gin, we searched for the best and most special botanicals in Portugal. We tested 86 natural botanicals and from those, we selected the best 18. This is the only gin in the world in which one of the botanicals is the wine grape that only grows in Bairrada, a small region of this country, giving this gin a delicate and fruit flavour.
Besides the wine grape, we can find in this gin botanicals such as: hibiscus, juniper, orange, lemon, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and salvia.
Adamus has a floral and lightly fruity aroma and a complex flavour, with lavender, herbs, honeysuckle and grapefruit as the main tasting notes.
The special bottle of this gin also shows one of the things that Portugal is known for, which is the cork. It emphasizes the naturalness of this drink and gives it a unique look.

If you enjoy Portugal and you are a gin lover and enthusiastic, you should try Adamus Dry Gin, because just like Portugal, this gin also provides a unique and unforgettable experience. You can find more information about it, here.

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