ADAMUS Gin Signature Edition 2021 - 70 cl - Limited Edition
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At ADAMUS, creation is an elevating process that unites a long history of know-how and the most perfect condiments of nature, in an unique combination.

Every day we reinvent ourselves. Every day we want to exceed ourselves. This is how ADAMUS Signature Edition was born. A dream become reality. A commitment to unique and authored products, designed and thought to be special and distinct, always preserving the ADAMUS essence.
An ambition that projects us to go further. A guarantee of quality and exclusivity. An unique experience that takes us to a place and a moment in a way that only ADAMUS knows how to do!

Every  product of excellence, with a recognized profile, even years after its first tasting, leaves memories. ADAMUS stands out for belonging to this small range of spirits, due to its quality, tenacious and careful choice of botanicals, formulation and people who dedicate their passion to it. It stands out
for its structure, grit, depth, elegant and balanced blend. It stands out for its structure, grit depth, elegant and balanced blend. For this, it has a well-defined and balanced "backbone"; based on the following structural aromatic components: Floral, Spicy, Wine (Fruit and Minerality), Citrus.

Our first signature edition, ADAMUS Signature Edition 2021, highlights the floral component of ADAMUS Organic Dry Gin. To the original formula, we added a particular botanical, elderflower, which enhances the floral component creating a greater connection with the competent fruitiness and which makes this version of ADAMUS Organic Dry Gin a drink with irreverent capacity to create
a mix of sensations.

The certainty of a good story

First, a new ADAMUS Gin. Then, the certainty of a different year. All things at her own pace. Each day, every hour and every encounter. The end that had no "Finale", but the certainty of a new beginning and a excellent story with Signature Edition.

Organic, vegan and with sublime spirit, Signature Edition 2021 combines the elderflower distillate, the iconic bairrada’s baga grape variety and the usual ADAMUS botanicals, resulting in this special and very limited edition. From this perfect alchemy, signed by Master Distiller Rui Cruz, resulted in a
pure, smooth and fresh gin, to celebrate the reunion. A new harmonization, a unique bottle. What better company to enjoy a beautiful sunset, surrounded by good friends to celebrate the good moments of life?

Signature Edition 2021, a toast to life in its splendor.

An Impacting and sustainable packaging

As if it were a page from an old herbarium, the packaging of Adamus Signature Edition 2021 contains a whole connection to what nature offers us in its purest, original and sustainable form.

A unique bottle with three-dimensional painting that transports us directly to nature, in its most relaxing state, gaining new life in every encounter. A sensory box that awakens our senses to see and feel materials, textures and colors chosen in detail. Our recyclable and biodegradable paper is made from by-products from the leather manufacturing process and is produced with recycled

This is the success story of ADAMUS. An ambition that projects us to go further and do better at every moment.



ADAMUS, a word of Greek origin that means diamond, sums up our commitment to creation and makes the launch of each product a special gesture, an act of passion. In fact, what we do is polishing what was almost perfect in nature, giving it a greater shine and a special experience.

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