Cocktail of the month - November - Adamus Organic Dry Gin – ADAMUS

Cocktail of the month - November

Cocktail of the month - November

With the days getting colder and now that Halloween is already behind us, it's time to start planning the holiday festivities. As we all know all festivities aren't complete without a cocktail to share with friends and family. 

To celebrate this month with our loved ones, we suggest you this exquisite cocktail easy to make and delicious to appreciate, which is our choice for the November cocktail.

Before you get into the recipe, make sure you have with you, Adamus Gin, Fever Tree Inidian Tonic Water, white grapes and ginger sticks. 

If you already have these ingredients, you just have to:

  • Add mineral water ice cubes to your balloon glass;
  • Garnish it with two white grapes and two slices of ginger;
  • Add 5cl of Adamus Gin;
  • Add 20cl of Fever Tree Indian Tonic Water;

Now that your gin cocktail is done, appreciate it and surprise your friends and family in the next meeting. 

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