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Adamus Organic Grape Marc Spirit Miniature (5cl)

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Adamus Organic Grape Marc Spirit 5cl

Its origin goes back to distant times in Portugal’s history. The image of a rustic beverage and full of history would have to be restored.

After 4 generations producing traditional marc spirits, time came to produce a marc spirit that was able to combine the best of a traditional marc spirit with more modern details, without losing the soul of a pure Portuguese marc spirit. The best grape marc provided from vinification of the best of Bairrada’s Baga wines were selected, being carefully followed all of its winemaking and maturation process.

Several slow and detailed distillations were carried out in copper pots by direct steam, and the best distillates were selected, both taste and analytically in the laboratory.

With a fresh and vinous aroma, it has notes of fresh pomace and nuances of grape must, combined with a good floral component (some orange blossom) and dried fruit.

In 2014 was born the first edition of ADAMUS Marc Spirit Bairrada DOC 2014, with a limited and numbered series of 2354 bottles.

Technical Details

Alcohol content: 52%
Alc.Volume: 50ml

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