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Adamus Signature Edition 2021

  • Organic, vegan and with a sublime spirit, Signature Edition 2021 combines  the elderflower distillate, the iconic Bairrada's baga grape variety and the usual botanical ADAMUS, resulting in this special and limited edition!

  • The magic of a perfect combination of botanicals. The natural origin of this edition and its botanical composition  are unique combination in this new launch, based on ADAMUS know-how. In addiction to one brillitant combination of botanicals, we add Elderberry flower, a plant rich in antiviral properties and characteristic of the Bairrada region, which gives this new ADAMUS gin a special authenticity.

    This perfect alchemy, signed by Master Distiller Rui Cruz, resulted in a pure gin of vegetable origin. Signature Edition evokes the harmony of nature.

    ADAMUS Gin Signature Edition 2021 - 70 cl

    A Unique Bottle.

    Individual box with side opening. A perfect hug from this limited edition.

    Adamus Gin Signature Edition 2021 Premium Pack

    A toast to life. In it's splendor.

    A Unique match 


    The certainty of a good story

    • First, a new ADAMUS Gin. Then, the certainty of a different year. Each thing at its time. Each day. Every hour. Every encounter.

      After the end that had no end, the certainty of a new beginning and a good story with Signature Edition. As if it were a page from an old herbarium, the package contains a whole connection to what nature offers us in its purest and most original form.
      It's composition, intrinsically linked to Bairrada region, is also an element of authenticity of this new gin. From this region to the world is it new journey, which takes with it all the purity of this place, gaining a new life in each encounter.



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