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The ideal botanicals for your gin

The ideal botanicals for your gin

Since it's creation, gin has conquered significant spaces in the world of alcoholic beverages. When preparing a gin we can come across a wide range os combinations of botanicals, always hoping to enhance the flavor and aroma it is common to question which is the best option.



Gin is produced from the combination of neutral grains, in which juniper is the main ingredient and which defines the name of the distillate. However, when making the drink, other ingredients can be added. For Adamus, the Baga grape variety was the motto. Among other regions, an intense search was carried out from the centenary mountain range of Buçaco to the seafront, where some of the best and most special botanicals of organic production were found.

Our blend consists of 18 different botanicals, the most common ones, such as Juniper, Hibiscus, Poejo, Orange, Lemon, Cinnamon, Ginger and Cardamom, and others more daring such as Baga grape, Sage, Lavender and others not revealed, source of the mystery that gives Adamus such a special and original character. However, in addition to being essential at the time of gin production, botanicals are a key element when preparing the gin drink. Each ingredient can take into account everything from the formality of the occasion to the weather, for example. With a little creativity, alchemy happens. So, here we present some of the best botanicals to use when you want to drink that glass of gin.


Star Anise

With its intense fruity flavor it is ideal for intimate occasions. It is a great botanical for a romantic date washed down with gin.


Perhaps the most used ingredient as a partner of gin. Ideal for a refreshing gin with its citrus aftertaste.



It has a sweet flavor and aroma. It can be used in the preparation of a gin in a more intimate situation, since it symbolizes rarity.



The citrus notes that can give bitterness or sweetness can compose gins for hot or cold days.



Its color brings a special touch to the gin and its flavor is slightly sweet, with acidic and subtly sour notes.



Its peculiar flavor gives a spicy touch to the gin while promoting a characteristic aroma. It is a great companion for a cold winter night.



Like cinnamon, its spicy aftertaste is ideal for a colder day and a more intimate moment.



With its peculiar flavor with citrus and spicy touches it is ideal for an intense gin.


Pink Pepper

The pink pepper gives the gin flavor, aroma and beauty. It can be used in its preparation on more formal occasions.

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