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Message from the Founders

Today we write to you in a more personal way, because we want to share with you the important moment we are experiencing at our brand and thank you for making this day possible.

When we created the Adamus brand, our family had already been creating the best spirits for 4 generations. We knew everything about creating the best products in this sector, but little about creating strong brands.

Therefore, we focused on the product. We worked obstinately to create the best Portuguese gin, without considering costs. We believe that we have created a product that surprises with its aroma, taste and length in the mouth. That we created an experience that makes those who try it loyal.

Then, we thought about a design that conveyed what we wanted to put into the product. That it had Portuguese features, like cork, but the minimalism that we believe makes every detail of life even more special.

Today, a few years into our journey, we have reached a new landmark moment. The moment when the number of customers and the love they share for the product allow us to start telling more about what it means to drink Adamus.

Therefore, we make a point of directly presenting you the first Adamus brand campaign. We hope you see her again. Because, so do we, who sometimes need someone to tell us: "You Made It"



Thank you for accompanying us on this journey.
We hope you continue to toast with Adamus in every moment of celebration.

From the grateful founders of Adamus,
Pedro Carvalho
Carlos Santos
Sara Bahia

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