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Healthy benefits of drinking gin

Healthy benefits of drinking gin

For most people, alcohol is the cause of not having a healthy lifestyle. It is true that in most of the cases it has a lot of calories and overloads the liver and the kidneys. However, there are some good news for all the gin lovers out there. Gin is low in calories and according to many nutritionists it can even help you maintain a healthy lifestyle if you enjoy it responsibly.

1 - Low on Calories

Gin is one of the spirits with less calories and according to a study made by the University of Sigulda in Latvia, gin accelerates the skin metabolism and helps you lose weight. This happens because the main ingredient of this drink is Juniper, which is a natural diuretic rich in antioxidants. It also helps in the digestion process and reduces the swelling.
In 2008, there was a study published by the Journal of Diabetes Nursing that revealed that gin tonic was the safest drink for people with type 1 diabetes, because it had few calories.
On average, gin has only 60 kcal per 40ml. So, if you are worried with your daily calories, you can always drink a gin with a light tonic water. One dose of 150ml will have around 75 kcal.

2 - Gluten-free

As if the calories argument wasn’t enough to convince us to drink gin, most of the gins don’t have gluten, which is great for gluten intolerants and for celiac patients.
Experts defend that distilled spirits made with gluten grains are gluten-free, because the distillation process removes the harmful proteins.
However, you can always drink gins that aren’t made from gluten grains, like Adamus, which is made from grapes.

3 - Less wrinkles

As we said before, the main flavouring agent of gin is juniper, which is a rich antioxidant that regenerates the cells of your body helping you to have a healthier and softer skin.

So, if you love gin but you were afraid that it might affect your diet and lifestyle, you have nothing to fear, but always remember, drink it with moderation.

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