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London Dry, Distilled and Compound Gins

London Dry, Distilled and Compound Gins

Gin is a liquor and its predominant flavour comes from juniper berries. So, juniper is the main botanical and it is the only thing that all gins must have in common. There isn’t a specific amount of this botanical that a gin must have, but it has to be the prevailing flavour.
However, many other botanicals can be used to enhance the flavour of this spirit. The most commonly used botanicals are: coriander, lemon and orange peels, cinnamon, among others.
Ever wondered what is the difference between a Gin, a Dry Gin and a London Dry Gin? Well, we will explain it below.

London Dry Gin

Despite its name, this type of gin doesn't need to be produced in London to be considered a London Dry gin. 
A London Dry Gin or just dry gin is redistilled in traditional stills and it is usually light bodied, aromatic, heavy on juniper and very dry. The used ethyl alcohol needs to be of high quality, but the distinctive factor about this gin is the way it is produced.
There are no artificial flavourings or botanicals and nothing can be added after the re-distillation process.

Distilled Gin

Distilled gin is produced in a very similar way to London Dry gin, but the main difference is that flavourings can be added after the distillations and these flavourings can be either natural or artificial. Besides the natural or artificial flavourings, it can also be added sweeteners and other approved additives, which can make the gin sweetened or colored.

Compound Gin

In this type of gin there is no re-distillation. It is made by adding flavourings and botanicals to a neutral spirit and they can also be either natural or artificial.
These compounded gins are often seen as gins of inferior quality when compared to the distilled and dry.

Our favourite type of gin is definitely Dry gin, that’s why we focus our efforts in producing one of the finest in the market: Adamus Dry Gin.

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