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3 refreshing cocktails to face the summer heat

3 refreshing cocktails to face the summer heat

Gin is the summer king spirit for many good reasons: it’s light, botanical, and it’s easily mixed with all kinds of juices and sodas. Today, we will explore 3 refreshing summer cocktails, so grab your sunscreen, fill your swim armbands and start preparing these cocktails recipes to face the heat.


Originally created to prevent scurvy on English ships, today gimlet is a classic summer cocktail that is very easy to make, since it’s made of only three ingredients: lime juice, simple syrup and, of course, gin. Pro tip: add a little basil and smashed cucumber to the shaker for a more distinct summer flavour.

60 ml Adamus gin
30 ml lime juice
22,5 ml simple sugar syrup

Combine all the ingredients in the shaker with lots of ice and mix. Pour into an iced martini glass. Garnish with a bit of lemon peel.

Tom Collins

Although its origin is not precise, the Tom Collins cocktail was created in the second half of the XIX century, in London or New York. It reminds us of the classic gin tonic, but due to its ingredients, it’s sweeter and more citrical.

60 ml Adamus gin
1 and a half ice cup
22 ml lemon juice
15 ml simple sugar syrup
1 cup of ice
60 ml club soda
1 lemon wedge

Fill a Collins glass with a 1 and a half ice cup and put it on the fridge. Combine the gin, lemon juice and simple sugar syrup in a shaker. Add a glass cup, cover and shake until it’s fresh. Pour on the iced Collins glass. To finish, cover with club soda and garnish with a lemon wedge.


Simple sugar syrup recipe

These two cocktails that we just present you have the simple sugar syrup as one of the ingredients. If you don’t know how to make it, its preparation is very simple:

Boil 250 ml of water with 250 grams of white sugar. As it boils, mix the sugar until it turns into syrup with the water. Let it cool down before adding it to the cocktail.

Gin Tonic with Lime and Mint

There's no heat that gets in the way of a classic like the Adamus gin and tonic with lime and mint. See the preparation:

50 ml Adamus gin
200 ml tonic water
1 slice of lime
1 mint leaf

Fill an Adamus gin glass with ice
“Spin” the ice in the cup with a bar spoon
Drain excess water from the cup
Add a slice of lime
Add a mint leaf
Add 50 ml of Adamus gin
Gently add 200 ml of premium tonic water over the ice

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