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5 signs that you are a gin connoisseur

5 signs that you are a gin connoisseur

As the time goes by, gin is becoming more and more trendy. The consumption of this spirit has exploded all over the world, especially in Germany and the United Kingdom.
Is gin your favourite alcoholic drink? Do you love talking about this drink? You are probably a gin connoisseur. In this article we will share with you 5 common signs that you have become expert in this matter.

1 - Knowing the different types of gin

You know the different types of gin, you also know the background history of this drink and talking about gin is even one of your favourite conversation topics.

2 - Every special occasion requires gin

Whether it is a birthday party or a night out in a restaurant or bar, gin has to be present. You struggle to spend these occasions without gin and you even know the places that serve the best gin cocktails.

3 - Drinks cabinet is actually a gin cabinet

Your drinks cabinet was formerly a cabinet with a wide variety of alcoholic beverages. Now, it is actually a gin cabinet with different gin bottles. You have tried a lot of different gins and you are always willing to try new ones.

4 - Garnish is important

Knowing that garnish is important is a requirement for every gin connoisseur. As it deeply influences the taste of your drink, you know that depending on the tasting notes of each gin, different garnish is recommended.

5 - Knowing the importance of tonic water

You don’t mind spending a little more in a premium tonic water, because you know how important it is. A premium gin must take a premium tonic water.

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