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Gin Tonic with Lime and Mint

We believe that the best of our gin and tonic is found in the simplicity of combining it with ice and tonic water. But Adamus Gin has the necessary versatility to please other palates.
With lime and mint, you can discover the perfect meeting between refreshing and sublime.


  • 50ml Adamus gin;
  • 200ml of premium tonic water;
  • Ice;
  • 1 slice of lime;
  • 1 mint leaf;


  • Fill the glass with ice;
  • "Rotate" the ice in the glass with the help of a bar spoon;
  • Drain excess water from the glass;
  • Add a slice of lime;
  • Add a mint leaf;
  • Add 50ml of Adamus gin;
  • Gently add 200ml of premium tonic water over ice.
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